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Having long-term experience in the textile business, AKURUN offers a wide range of innovative and creative fabric solutions in worldwide standards.

AKURUN is one of the most competitive suppliers of woven fabrics in Turkey/worldwide. With technological investments, a reliable delivery and sales structure, and an elite production and marketing team, we are on our way to becoming a well-respected brand around the globe.

While producing qualified products, AKURUN is aware of the responsibilities to society and environment. The dyestuff we use in our production is chosen regarding universal quality standarts, the certificate of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 confirms that our products are non-harmful for people and ecosystem.

AKURUN is aware of this responsibility, not only in terms of production processes but also in terms of utilisation of natural resources.

AKURUN believes that “human beings can coexist in harmony with nature and respect the social, economic and environmental needs of existing and the next generations only by ensuring that the motto of sustainability is internalized at any step of human activities”, and this idea is the foundation stone of AKURUN’s sustainability enterprises. .

AKURUN has been advancing its capacity since starting its operations in 1983, is growing in a sustainable manner for all of its stakeholders with its active economic performance, environmental sensitivity, and commitment to meeting expectations of its employees and the community. Sustainability is one of the pillars of corporate management approach of AKURUN.

AKURUN fulfills its responsibilities for sustainable development by improving its production technologies, energy, and resource efficiency, reducing environmental impacts, offering innovative solutions to the client requires, recycling, creating direct employment opportunities and contributing to the welfare of its employees and the society

AKURUN’s motivation comes from our mission as a healthcare company and our values as a business. We understand that environmental health and human health are inextricably linked.

We are responsible to the customer we serve, our employees, the communities in which we live and work, and the natural resources we are privileged to use.

We believe in continuous growth and innovation and keep changing our self with the technology to make our development sustainable and long lasting. We do it because WE CARE.

AKURUN’s mission in clean energy continues to provide us with a guiding framework for conducting business responsibly and sustainably. We believe that renewable energy is vital to a healthy planet and ultimately to healthy people. That is why we use solar power to ensure the electricity for our productions. We produce renewable, clean energy that will not only energize our factory, but our future as well. We work today for a better tomorrow.

We respect the environment and helping to get our nation into such a level in which coming generation will not suffer. We look forward to inspiring others to choose clean energy today for a cleaner World tomorrow.

Renewable energy has the potential to be a great investment for the environment. Clean energy mission will help to rectify the global warming&climate change issues. Sunlight is available in a large quantity for generating energy. We designed our business’ headquarters and factory to be powered solely by the solar panels that line the buildings’ roof. All our systems are designed to maximize the use of renewable energy thereby reducing depence on others.

We have also partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF – International organization committed to conservation of the environment). We have honored as one of the pioneers in WWF water protection program symposium, in İstanbul. We are pioneering conservation the natural resources. We become a role model to transform the companies into an integrated sustainable model which will help to encourage sustainable growth.

We believe that water touches our lives in every way. None owns or manage the water sources. We all must share the sources with other users (and the future users), that means we all have a role to play in protecting the source of our water for today and tomorrow.

We envision a World in which people and nature thrive together– but we will only get there if we all play a role. We will only get there if we work together. Together, we are creating a World where people live in harmony with nature. Together, nothing is impossible.

We believe in providing solutions that creates green and clean environment. That leads conservation, energy efficient infrastructure, waste minimization, lesser pollution.

By setting renewable energy goals, we not only reflect our values, we send a demand signal for more sustainable forms of energy that we hope will both increase supply and inspire other companies to do the same.

We do agile treatment to prevent from harmful materials for people and environment and it is located in our Industrial Zone in Denizli.

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