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PHOENIX was there when Woman and Man were sitting on their thrones.
Phoenix was flying in the sky when Noah was building the ship.
Phoenix was watching when civilizations were being built.

Phoenix is now here to tell us its legendary story: I, Phoenix, live in my nest on the tree of knowledge. I am the knowledge, and I am the tree. I was there when this world was being built... I was there before when the earth was flooding... I was there when you were born, and I will be, either flying in the sky, or resting in my nest, or beating in your heart, in every moment, you think it is precious. People tell you about me, and the story about the birds, seeking me. I promised them, they thought, immortal life. They, let's say, the minority of them, found me, by passing the valleys of will, love, mystique, exception, unity, astonishment and the final one, which, I will not tell you now... I know, you are curious... You will ask me, how I could be immortal, as you describe it. I am, because I do know, and this is the wisdom that you should seek for... Every time I feel I completed my mission, I do burn. I, Phoenix, I, the tree. I burn, and we burn. And when the voice comes again, which built all the universe, which gave the name, to the mountain we reside in, we do, rise from the ashes. Now, it is the time... Now, I am back again... You haven't seen me for ages, and I know, you thought I have never existed. You thought it was a legend, a myth... But, my friend, as soon as wisdom and hope are on earth, I will be there too. So the story goes, and Phoenix is back again! And I, my friend, will support everyone, every institution and every creature, who wills to learn how to
rise back from the ashes.

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