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The fashion industry has a huge impact on our world today. Being one of the biggest industries, it comes as no surprise that 1 out of 6 people alive today work in some part of the world's fashion industry, where we have greed and power on one side, fear and poverty on the other side.

The clothes are our chosen skin, our personal communication. Every new fashion season reinvents the idea of fashion, and new trends are born.

People throw away lots of textile waste each year. Most of the waste is non-biodegradable, meaning it sits in landfills for 200 years or more, while releasing harmful gasses into the air. This is a careless production, and an endless consumption. All design and production should be done in a way that is not as harmful to the planet.

A sustainable tip for all sustainable fashion lovers; buy quality pieces and don't throw them away when it's not trendy anymore.

the fashion industry is a very powerful communications tool and therefore everyone working in this field has an obligation to use this tool in a positive manner. This leaves us a big responsibility and one that we have to take upon us.

We want to inspire our partners and customers to respect our environment, buy responsibly and sustainable products that contribute to healthy and happy communities.

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